How a newbie can make a charming and sexy pajamas in an easy way
Lace decoration strap pajamas A charming and simple pajamas, I hope you can make one by yourself 

1. Fold your fabric into two halves and cut out the cloth pieces, as shown in the picture above, so there are 2 fronts and 2 backs. Contains lining.
2. With the front piece, sew a 12cm long horizontal chest at about 5cm below the cuff. (The lining is also a chest saver).
3. Place the front piece on the rear piece, fix the two sides together, and sew along both sides.
4. Take out the lining and put the clothes in the lining so that the top of the lining and the skirt are fixed together. And stitched together along the edges.
5. Turn back to the front. Sew two straps to sew the clothes together.
6. The last step is to add lace to the top layer of the pajamas. That's it!
If you like to make your own clothes but do n’t know which step to start with, you can start your first step from this column

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